The second major event of the PLURIFOR project in 2018 took place in Porto (Portugal) during the EFI Planted Forests Facility & IEFC Annual Meeting. This event was a great opportunity to discover the major impact of the recent large wildfires in the area, and to explore the trends in major forest risks and the risk management plans prepared by the project partners to address these risks trans-nationally.

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Scientific seminar programme (with presentation of PLURIFOR outputs, 27 June)

Field trip on risk management in planted forests (Northern Portugal, 28 June)


Session 1: Trends and actions in Atlantic EU

Fires trends and state of play after the 2017 fires:

Global Change and Abiotic Risk Trends in the EU (Hervé Jactel, INRA)

Session 2: International decisions & actions for CC adaptation & risk mitigation

Policies and actions at global, pan-European and EU levels:

Session 3: PLURIFOR contribution to improving transboundary preparedness

Overview (Eduard Mauri, EFI)

Wind risk (Barry Gardiner, EFI)

Fire risk (Alejandro Cantero, HAZI)

Soil degradation (Anders Arias Gonzalez, NEIKER)

Pine wood nematode (Hervé Jactel, INRA)

Chestnut gall wasp (Edmundo Susa)

Eucalyptus weevil (Manuela Branco, ISA)

Pine Pitch Canker (Julio Diez, UVa)

Emerging and invasive forest pests and diseases (Hervé Jactel, INRA)

SilvaAlert App (Christophe Orazio, EFI)