Plurifor final meeting took place on 4-5 June 2019 in Bordeaux, France.

This meeting officially represented the end of the 3-year project on transnational forest risk management in south-western Europe. PLURIFOR partners presented the major outputs of the project and the lessons learned. It was also an opportunity for participants to discuss on the impact of the project and the need for a continuous management of forest hazards at a European level.


Summary of PLURIFOR project



Arias Gonzalez, Ander: Soil degradation

Arbones Maciñeira, Pablo : Contributions of the project to forest risk management in Galicia

Branco, MR: New tools developed under PLURIFOR Gonipterus platensis

Burlot, Gaëlle : Caisse de Prévoyance et de Protection des Forêts du Sud-Ouest. Contribution of the project for forest risk management in New Aquitaine

C. Colaço : Plurifor project: a transnational plan for the management of forest fire risk

C. Colaço : Contributions of the PLURIFOR project to forest risk management in Portugal

Gardiner, Barry : Forest Storm Risk

Gardiner, Barry: Summer School on Risk Management Tools and RISE Proposal for Global Trade Risk Expert

Dae-Jin Lee: Monthly rainfall erosivity factor as a soil erosion prevention tool

Ducup, Romain: Projet COOPEREM « coordination opérationnelle d’urgence et de prévention des incendies sur la zone transfrontalière »

Held, Alexander: European Forest Risk Facility: Mobilizing knowledge and expertise to enhance the resilience and adaptive capacity of forests

Jactel, Hervé : HOMED, HOlistic Management of Emerging forest pests and Diseases

Jactel, Hervé : Pine wood nematode: Towards a systematic trapping grid for the detection of infected insect vectors

Jactel, Hervé : Invasive forest pests: Where should we try to detect the next?

Kersaudy, Emmanuel: Contributions of the project to the pine wood nematode risk management in France

Orazio, Christophe: Silvalert : An application to report forest damages

Tomao, Antonio : Funds invested in forest fire prevention in Mediterranean countries: a preliminary analysis of the PREVAIL project

Uriagereka, Carlos  : Contributions of the PLURIFOR project in the Basque country